Newport CH International Group: Why should we recycle?

Recycling conserves our valuable natural resources!


- Recycling helps to conserve our natural resources such as oil, metal and water.


- For example plastic bottles can be recycled into new plastic bottles and polyester fibres for use in fleece jumpers and car mats. By recycling we reduce the amount of natural resources needed to make products and packaging. Also less mining and extraction occurs, which is beneficial to the natural habitats of wild animals.


- Click here for more information on what materials can be recycled


Recycling saves energy!


- Recycling aluminium saves 95% of the energy required to produce aluminium from raw materials.


- Recycling just one plastic bottle will save enough energy to power a 60 watt light bulb for 3 hours!


Recycling protects the environment!


- Recycling helps to conserve energy, so less greenhouse gases are emitted.


- Recycling reduces our dependence on landfill. With less materials going to landfill, less harmful emissions like methane gas are released into the earth's atmosphere.


- Since Repak was established in Ireland in 1997, over 4.4 million tonnes of used packaging has been diverted from landfill, that's enough waste to create a trail of trucks from Dublin to New York!


Recycling can save you money!


- By putting more recyclable materials into your recycling bin you reduce the amount of times you have to put your general refuse or black bin out for collection. It is usually more expensive to collect the black bin than the recycling bin, so recycling can save you money!